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Once you've added a #dickgift to your cart, take that b**ch to the next level by choosing this add-on option.

Why is this add-on some next level s*** you ask?

By adding a customized message you can really let this motherf**ker know how you feel about them. Use as much f**king profanity as you want. Either remain anonymous OR if you have a  big f***ing pair of balls on you, include your name at the end of message so the motherf**ker knows exactly who this #dickgift is from. 

Get creative with your customized message. The right message will take this #dickgift to the next level.

Sending a messy gift (i.e. a tampon covered in real looking blood)? We will place the customized message in a ziplock bag and place that inside the package.

**messages deemed to be abusive or racist will be replaced by our standard #dickgift replacement message