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Product Description:

Now that you've added a DickGift to your cart, kick things up a notch by adding a custom message. Let the person you are DickGifting know:

  • How you really feel about them
  • The reason they deserve this "gift"
  • Anything you want to get off your chest about them (or make up some B.S. to confuse them i.e. "Love Mom")

This is your opportunity to get creative and have some fun at their expense (while using as much profanity as you want).

*Want to remain anonymous? Make sure to not give any clues away in the message as to who you are.

My DickGift is messy, won't the card get ruined? Give us a little more credit than that! We'll place it in a ziplock baggie under the gift.

Is there anything I can't include in the message? Anything deemed abusive, racist, hateful, threatening etc will be replaced with ourย  replacement message