We gotta respect the f-cking balls on you for thinking about sending (or paying for other people to be able to send) a sh-t ton of these bad boys in one foul swoop. Quite the boss move.

If you intend on buying in bulk and then giving your employees/co-workers/clients/partners gift cards loaded with 1or more DickGift to send to whoever they please at your expense that is something we can certainly accommodate.ย  Alternatively, if you are looking to send a whack load of DickGifts all at once we can also accommodate that. Either way, we're f-cking impressed and ready to help.

Let us help you create the wildest gifting experience that is guaranteed to get people talking. Strap in Sally because you're about to be remembered as an absolute legend.

Perfect for:

  • holiday gifts
  • thank yous (i.e. for attending our wedding, for being such great employees etc)
  • just a random fun gag gifts

Get started by emailing us at with volume numbers, timelines etc and we'll answer any questions and send you special pricing.

Happy DickGifting