F-ck ya it is. We actually take this sh-t serious.

Whether you want to get some sweet revenge or you're just a dick who likes to f-ck with people for no reason at all, we've got you covered.

Concerned about getting ripped off? All payments are processed through PayPal. At no point do we have access to your payment information + PayPal has a resolution center so you can always dispute any charges directly with them.

Still skeptical? We've been verified by FaceBook which means they've reviweed our corporate documents to confirm we're legit

Still on the fence? Spend a couple bucks, order a DickGift to someone in your house (or to yourself) and find out first hand just how legit we are

Yes. 100%. Your identity is kept strictly confidential.

The recipient will not be able to find out who DickGifted them unless you:

a. tell them it’s coming

b. tell them it was you who sent it after they received it (yes you can add package tracking)

c. select the customized message add-on at checkout and clearly indicate in the message who you are (example – “Enjoy the gift you b-tch…Love Tom Anderson”).

To clarify: unless YOU choose to give away that the DickGift was from you, they will never find out from us!

Ummmmmm because:

• It's f-cking hilarious

• Clearly they deserves it

• They'll either find it hilarious OR it’ll piss them off; both great outcomes

• You're a dick for even considering it so just go with it

Send it to someone you love or to someone you hate. Send it to your BOSS, your IN-LAWS or your PRIEST. Whoever you decide to send it to; rest assured they will NEVER know it was from you!

Who else can I sent it to?

• your best friend

• your worst enemy

• your mom or dad

• your neighbor

• grandma

• your ex

• that super annoying co-worker

Whoever you choose; happy DickGifting!

Sending a DickGift to someone’s house is classic but have you considered ALSO sending one to their:

• work address

• parent's house

• in-laws house

• church, synagogue, mosque or other religious institution they frequently visit

• their gym

There is literally never a bad time to send someone a DickGift. Send one anytime you want to:

• have a good laugh at someone’s expense

• get even

• piss someone off

• f-ck with someone for absolutely no reason at all (other than because you're a dick)

We’ve had customers send a DickGift for all sorts of occasions including:

• birthdays

• after being fired

• after being hired

• Christmas

• each night of Hanukkah

• after a break-up

• as a way to quit their job

• spouse’s anniversary

This site was created to send harmless gag gifts to friends, family, co-workers etc.

If you plan on sending someone a DickGift to bully, harass or intimidate them (or you know they’ll take it the wrong way), we strongly encourage you to reconsider.

To ensure the recipient knows it’s a gag and they didn’t actually get real sh-t, cum etc, we place a small card with our logo and website address at the bottom of the package – which they will only see AFTER they are pranked so the gag isn’t ruined.


Spring loaded glitter bombs are known to malfunction (i.e. don't "explode") which is super lame. They are also relatively expensive and our "Glitter F-cking Everywhere" DickGift makes just as big a mess (and is just as annoying to clean up)

Not really. Keep your stupid ideas to yourself.

Just kidding; we actually love getting new product suggestions from our sick, twisted customers.

Submit your product idea to contact@dickgift.com

You'll be given the option of adding a custom message to be included with the DickGift .

Get creative and have fun with it…or don’t - we don’t really give a f-ck:).

Pro tip: if you want to remain anonymous, don’t include your name or make it obvious it’s from you. Alternatively, you can go the opposite direction and leave super obvious clue that it came from you (or better yet flat out tell them - (i.e. “With Love, John Smith”).

Messages that are hateful, hamful, racist or threaten, bully or harrass will not be sent and instead we will send our own default message created for these circumstances

For messy gifts we'll put the custom message card in a little ziplock back.


Here are some ideas to get you started:

• “Enjoy your gift you big f-cking disgusting dickface”

• “F-ck you and your stanky momma”

• “Roses are red violets are blue, this joke's overused; your sister is too! P.S. this is the condom I used to cum in her last night”

• “You hairy motherfucker! For the love of God trim that rug growing on your back you hairy ape”

• “I'm pregnant and it's yours asshole!”

• “Haha! You got shit all over your hand you nerd!”

• “And now we are even”

• “My love for you is as deep red as the period blood on this used period pad”

That f-cking sucks. Click here.

We do our best not to use nuts (or any butters containing nuts) in any of our products but it is possible some of them may contain nuts or traces of nuts.

With regards to other allergens, if you know someone has an allergy to say latex…don’t send them a condom DickGift.

At this time all payments go through PayPal. In the future we will look into other options (i.e. Apple Pay, Google Pay etc). Even if you do not have an account set up with PayPal you can use their "guest" option to make a payment. PayPal accepts debit and credit card, is secure and easy to use.

Orders are processed, packaged & shipped within 2-3 business days. Shipping times vary depending on which shipping option you choose at checkout but vary between 2-7 business days.

At this time we do not accept change requests or refunds for order cancellations. This includes:

-no swapping products

-no adding on to the order

-no changing to the shipping address

-no modifying the Custom Message

Prior to placing an order make sure you aren’t going to have any regrets sending it.

At checkout, make sure to enter your email address and not the recipient’s email address or they will receive the confirmation email and not you. Also make sure you ship it to the right address (i.e. don’t put your own address in the shipping field!).

Did you f-ck up by filling in your own address in the “Shipping address” field? If so, congrats for sening yourself a DickGift! Be careful opening your mail over the next few days…or better yet, have someone else open it for you.

unfortunately at this time we do not.

Most likely due to insufficient funds but you’ll want to contact your bank to confirm. In the meantime either use a different payment method or resolve the situation and try again.

We do not. Prior to making a payment you are directed to the 3rd party site collecting the payment so even if we wanted to we could not access your payment information.

  1. You will receive a payment confirmation via email
  2. We will process and prepare your order for shipping (this can take up to 48 hours
  3. After your order is shipped you will receive an email confirmation. If you paid for tracking you will receive an email notification with tracking instructions

We ship to Canada and the Continental Unites States at this time.

All items in your cart will be shipped in 1 package to 1 mailing address. Remove items from your cart that you want shipped to different addresses or to the same address but in different packages. After completing checkout, repeat steps above for the next package you want shipped either to the same address or a different one.

All of our apparel (i.e. t-shirts, sweatshirts etc) are shipped directly from our apparel manufacturer in order to save you money. We do this instead of having them ship it to us and then have to increase the price to turn around and ship it to you. You're welcome!

For almost all of our products we offer shipping with package tracking or shipping without package tracking. Package tracking is genearlly a bit more expensive so if you want to pay for it then absolutely add it.

If you can't find the answer you are looking for in our FAQ's, click here.