Is this site for real?

Hell yes.

Has someone wronged you in any way? Maybe your boss is not giving you the respect that you deserve? Maybe your in-laws don’t like you? Or maybe you are just a dick who wants to ruin someone’s day? Now you can even the score a little by giving a gift that is sure to ruin that special someone’s day.

Best of all (aside from the low price), you get to sit on your ass while we do all the work and then you get to enjoy a good laugh at their expense.

Why would I want to be a dick to someone?

Ummm….because it’s funny?

Is it completely anonymous?

Yes, unless you want the recipient to know it is from you in which case sign you name on the customized message you can include.

*we will never show your email address or your shipping address on the parcel (which is why it is very important you enter your email and the recipient’s shipping address at checkout).

Who can I send a gift to?

Send it to anybody you want. You can send it to someone you love or to someone you hate. Send it to your boss or your teacher we don’t care. You can send it to someone who will appreciate the joke but better yet, grow a pair and send it to someone who will absolutely hate it (like grandma, your in-laws, your ex). Better yet, send it to them all.

Who chooses the gift?

We can for you and keep it a surprise from you or you can choose it yourself (which isn’t nearly as much fun).

What type of customized message can I send?

You can write anything you want and use as much profanity as you want so long as it is under 250 characters and is not hateful, harmful or threatening. Messages that violate our terms will not be processed and your order will either be canceled or you will be asked to change your message.

If you do NOT want to remain anonymous make sure to choose the customized message option and that you make it clear who it is from (i.e. sign your name)

How do I get started?
  1. Decide who you want to be a dick to
  2. Choose a gift or have us choose one on your behalf
  3. Write a customized message and if you want to remain anonymous DON’T sign it!
  4. After you fill out your info and pay we will package and ship it to them


I want to send multiple items but want them to arrive separately. Can I do this?

Yes, if you place separate orders for each item you want delivered separately.

Can my order be delivered for a specific date?

No. Orders are delivered within the stated time frame that you choose during check-out. Ensure your order arrives as close to or on the day that you want by placing your order in accordance with our shipping options.

Whose shipping address & email address do I enter at checkout?

Enter YOUR email at checkout so that YOU receive the confirmation email and enter the recipient’s shipping address so that THEY receive the gift (unless the gift is for you or you have courage to personally deliver it to them yourself).

Why is my card being declined?

You will have to contact your bank to find out. In the meantime either try a different credit card or try back at a later date.

Can I change my shipping address?


Can I cancel my order?

Once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled.

What happens after I pay?
  1. You will receive a receipt of payment
  2. Your order will be processed and shipped within 2-3 business day. If you chose a shipping method that included a tracking number then you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking # from the shipping company when we have shipped your order
The expected delivery date has past. What do I do?

Sit tight and relax. Your order is still in transit and will be delivered soon.

Should I send a gift to someone if I think there might be negative ramifications?

Absolutely not. This site was created to send fun gag gifts. In no way do we condone or encourage the sending of items for malicious or harmful intent. It is not meant to be a way to bully or to threaten someone.


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