Don't know the recipient's full mailing address? Maybe we can help.

I don't know their zip/postal code:
U.S. zip code search / Canada postal code search

I can get to their address but am not sure the actual street name, street # and/or zip/postal code:
Google maps

I don’t know their address BUT I know the phone # of where I want to send it:
Canada reverse phone # search / U.S. reverse phone # search

Still can't find it?

  • 1. Mail it to another address of theirs that you do know (i.e. their work, home, gym, church etc). If you aren't sure where they work, see if you can find it on their social media (i.e. LinkedIn, FB, IG etc)
  • 2. Ask a mutual friend who might know their address
  • 3. Mail it to the address of someone the recipient is close with whose address you know (i.e. their parents, their bf/gf etc)
  • 4. Mail it to yourself (in their name) and find a way to leave it for them without them knowing it was from your or give it to them (if you don't mind them knowing it's from you)