Don't f-ck up the recipient's mailing address! Read these tips before we send your #dickgift:


I know their home address but not their zip/postal code:
U.S. zip code search / Canada postal code search

I know where they live but not the exact house #, street name and/or street spelling:
Try Google maps

I don’t know where they live BUT know their home phone # or work #:
Canada reverse phone # search / U.S. reverse phone # search

Other options:

  • Ask a mutual friend for the recipient's address
  • Mail it to a different address of theirs that you know (i.e. their work, home etc)
  • Mail it to someone else’s address where you know they visit frequently (i.e. their parent's, bf or gf house etc)
  • Mail it to yourself (in their name) & give it to them personally (if you don't mind them knowing it's from you) OR find a way to leave it for them without them knowing who it's from