Welcome to DickGift.com; good for you! Want a f***ing cookie?

Do you seriously not know what we are all about by now? F-ck are you ever late to the party.

We’ll send anyone you want in the U.S. or Canada (international shipping coming soon) a 100% anonymous prank gift (a.k.a. “a DickGift”).

All of our products look real AF and are all nasty, smelly and/or messy – just how any good prank should be.

Whether you are looking for some sweet revenge or you’re just a dick who likes to f-ck with people for no reason at all, we’ve got you covered. 

Send it as a birthday present, as an anniversary gift or because that douchebag in accounting looked at you funny today.  Send it to your GF, your BF, your boss or hell even send it to grandma we don't give a f-ck!

Just imagine the look on their stupid face when they reach inside that envelope and pull out a sticky, nasty #dickgift!

There is one thing you can absolutely f-cking count on: our DickGift will not disappoint!