Welcome to DickGift.com

You may be wondering why we do what we do? Well, as our slogan says: "life is more fun when you're a dick."

Tell you more about us?

DickGift.com is the Internet’s favorite place for sending prank/gag gifts.

We’ll send anyone you want, US & Canada wide, a 100% ANONYMOUS prank gift (a.k.a. "DickGift”). Yes you read that right. The person you have us send it to will have no idea it came from you; unless you decide to include a personalized note telling them it was from you.

All of our products look real AF and are a wild combo of nasty, smelly and messy – exactly how a prank should be.

Whether you are looking for some sweet revenge or you’re just a dick who likes to f-ck with people for no reason at all, we’ve got you covered.

Send one as a birthday present, an anniversary gift, because that guy in accounting looked at you funny or because your boss is an a**hole. Send it to your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your boss, your cousin or even grandma. Send it to their home, their office, their parents house or wherever else you can think of.

Just imagine the look on their face when they reach inside the package expecting a letter but instead pull out a sticky, nasty, smelly, messy DickGift instead. You know they are going to be f-cking pissed.

There is one thing you can count on; our DickGift will not disappoint...you.

Happy DickGifting!

****Just in case it needs to be said: DickGift is meant to be a fun prank/gag website. Don't be a turd by sending it to someone with the intent to bully, harrass or intimidate.